At the end of the New Year, everyone wants their houses to be neat and bright to celebrate a new year. Therefore, Vietnam has the custom of cleaning and refurbishing houses at the end of the year.

And using LEDs for decoration is a method not to be missed

đèn led hippo korea
 Spot lights and suspension lights in Grand Palace Restaurant – Hanoi


LEDs are increasingly widely applied thanks to many outstanding advantages such as long life, good light quality (without flickering like traditional lights), low heat emission, environmental protection …

HiPPO LED is proud to be the best LED brand in Korea now available in Vietnam. We are a supplier for hundreds of agents across the country with thousands of large and small villa townhouse projects. HiPPO brings customers the values ​​of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Beauty


Sử dụng led dây hắt trần biệt thự anh Tùng - Hải Phòng

đèn led hippo


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