2011October : Received CE and RoHS certificates
July       :  Mass production of LED downlight and super LED lights
March   : Mass production of LED DKC-5, DKC-8, DKC-10, DKC-15 and DKC-20.
2010October :Received the certificate “Super energy saving brand” for LED lights using LED converter
2009December: Received the certificate of “Electrical safety equipment” for LED lamps operated by self-igniting units.
July          : Recognized by Incheon city government as a potential small and medium enterprise
2008August     : Development and launch of LED sensor light
2007July          : Mass production of LED bulbs
July          : Received the certificate of “LOHAS”
May         :  Receive certificate of “INNOBIZ”


2005October : Received the certificate of Korean industrial standard for fluorescent lamps.
2004December  : Moved R&D Center to Song-Do City
March         : Mass production of “T8” light
Tháng 2      : Mass production of “PL”


2003September : Mass production of “T5 fluorescent light
February    : Received the certificate of “Energy-saving electrical equipment” for balls using self-propelled ballasts
2002March         : Received “FCC” certification
January      : Launched CFL product using dimmer.
2001October: Receive the certificate “KS”
August  : Received the certificate “ISO 9002”.
2000January : Use the trademarks “UL” and “CUL


1999February: Received “Q” certificate from Korea Electric Laboratory.
January  : Recognized by the Korea Energy Research Institute as a small or medium enterprise in the electricity industry.
1998June      : Launch of Halogen sensor light
1997January : Establishment of Dae-Sung Electronic Complex.
1996February : Establishment of Research & Development Center
January   : Received Dae-Sung light and electronics company.