HIPPO LED save electricity, save money, reduce carbon emissions.

HIPPO LED with diverse applications, including schools, hospitals, offices, houses, factories, shops, supermarkets, airports, railway stations, bus stops, signs, advertising.

In particular, HIPPO LED do not use glass like normal bulbs, minimizing the risk of damage, breakage from impact. Components in LED lights are very solid, compact and lightweight. With the reasonably designed LED driver, the LED light can control a wide range of light.

Led light are not restricted by the minimum current for the light to glow.

Led light use the principle of mixing colors to create a range of different light colors through changing the proportion of light emitted from the primary light colors. This creates comprehensive color coordination capabilities in color led l. Unlike other light-emitting technology, light emitted from led light is directed. This can be a favorable and a disadvantage depending on the purpose of use.

Saving money is also an important topic for customers who are using HIPPO’s LED. HIPPO LED produced in South Korea, both save energy, have a long life of over 30,000 hours, operate stably and are reasonably priced due to the very high sales volume for SAMSUNG, KUMHO, LOTTE super corporations.